Maximize Yield and minimize costs by using drone systems

Drones are one of the fastest growing technology segments with the potential to provide extraordinary value to the agriculture business

Imagine a flying robot that you could easily control as an extension of your own eyes and arms – to reach places, see things you can never see and execute tasks that would otherwise be impossible or not affordable

Using multispectral sensor technologies allow you to get further invaluable information about your fields, detect anomalies and optimize your work plan in the most efficient way

In Aerodrome, we believe in holistic solutions that provide our clients the ability to efficiently produce their data without being professional GIS or data analysts. Join our community and get our full support for turning data into valuable information for your operation

Pre-Project Analysis

Gaining data for project planning, irrigation systems, drainages, inclines and dust piles, volume measurement

  • Get deep survey
    of your site

  • Measure distance
    and inclines

  • Create Soil
    type analysis

  • Volume

Tools and Resources

  • Orthomosaics

  • Digital Surface Models

  • Volume Measurement

Maintenance Actions

Gain ongoing data that improve your yield over time, Amazing results are promised

  • Irrigation Analysis

  • Crop Health and Pests Detection

  • Plant Height

  • Plant Counting

  • Chlorophyll Maps

  • Weed Pressure

  • Nitrogen Analysis

  • Canopy Cover Measurement

Tools and Resources

  • Multispectral and RGB Crop Analysis

  • LIDAR Survey

How it works

  • Data Capture

  • Data Upload

  • Data Processing

As part of our holistic solution conception, we provide our clients all the tools and envelope to successfully operate drones for agriculture tasks. We are taking care of all aspects such as regulation, sensor calibration, and even pre-defined flight route will be stored to your control station so you can fly intensively and collect invaluable data without any concern. For more information press here