Why would I want to work with Aerodrome?

  1. Aerodrome provide you access to the elite and highly experienced group of UAS operators and instructors.
  2. Company management is fully connected with the field and understand in details, the needs of any operation you involved in.
  3. Our operation division includes three sections (1) MUAS section (2) MALE UAS Section (3) HALE UAS section. If you join one of our sections, you are about to experience great adventures include, worldwide travels, exposure to new clients and different cultures in addition, you’re about to face new challenges in your career that will require set of significant know-how and actual experience.
  4. Aerodrome family is dynamic and supportive, here, you have more power to shape the company’s future as well as pushing your career to the next level.

Which certifications are mandatory in order to join Aerodrome operation team?

  1. Business always looking for good people to rely on. In Aerodrome, we always in search of the best people. We ensure that our new members always share the same passion and values as ours.
  2. Aerodrome recruit the most talented and experienced operators. To join our team you must have at least one of the followings:
    1. For UAS Pilots – At least 600 flight hours as pilot in command over at least 6 years of contentious operational experience. Less than 6 month from your last operation.
    2. For external UAS Pilots – minimum 400 Hrs. as External pilot on fixed wing platforms, contentious experience on external piloting of at least 5 years. Less than 6 month from your last operation.
    3. UAS Technician – minimum 5 years of experience as UAS technician in military UAS platforms, less than 6 month from your last operation.

What it's like being part of Aerodrome's operation team?

  1. This work isn’t look like anything you experienced.  Every day is a new adventure in various missions and different destinations.
  2. During your work period, you’ll experience new UAS platforms and highly sophisticated operation and maintenance methods. Learning new systems, finding creative solutions and taking challenging decisions are going to be part of your daily routine.

Do I need any license to start?

UAS operator license from CAA or FAA will be a booster to your career, this will allow you to start working immediately and dramatically shorten your qualification process in Aerodrome. If you’re not holding such license, don’t worry, you’re going to have one soon.   

Most of my missions are going to be outside the company's headquarter, how the connection between Aerodrome's headquarter and the "field" works?

  1. Aerodrome management appointed team leaders to manage each section. The team leader is responsible for the communication between the management and the field. Team leader responsibility is to reflect the company’s policy and agenda down to the field.
  2. Aerodrome using 3rd party apps to share valuable information with its members, being connected provide you with stream of information that is relevant for your work and also allow you to upload documents and get access to any form or templates.
  3. Evaluation of your performance is a routine procedure taking place twice a year. In this process you will get a feedback about your work and general grade that reflect your chances to win your next promotion.

How does Aerodrome help me develop my career?

  1. Professionally – Aerodrome is the only UAS operation company that certified for operation and maintenance of more than 16 UAS platforms, from mini UAVs as large as High-altitude-long-Endurance platforms. Joining our team will open diversity of options and the freedom for you to choose.
  2. Academically – Team member who’s successfully accomplish his initial term can be awarded for master degree fully covered by Aerodrome depend on personal evaluation and satisfying grade of performance.
  3. Managing – Talented team members with high evaluations will find various options to jump to the next level.

Ok, I'm in, how should I start?

  1. It starts by sending your most up-to-date CVs to hr@aerodrome-ops.com and
    CC to office@aerodrome-ops.com
  2. Company’s representative will contact you in order to coordinate online interview.
  3. If you successfully pass the online interview, you’ll come to a face-to-face interview in the company headquarter.
  4. If you successfully pass the face-to-face interview you’ll be requested to submit security classification paperwork for initial check as well as mandatory documentation and logging of flights.
  5. If the initial check is ok, our representative will contact you for signing an NDA and getting a job proposal.
  6. As soon as you confirm the proposal, signing the contract you’re in.
  7. Your training and certification process will start immediately after your first day in the company. Good Luck!