Use drones to Level up your security capabilities

Today’s technologies allow us to have cutting edge real time video analytics as well as Video Analytics Inside capabilities

Data can be shared with all authorized figures in real time and optional limited camera control capabilities

Drones can be used as “stand alone” system or as part of entire network


First responders for border and city control

Cities worldwide face constant safety and security events. Aerodrome offer smart and cutting edge solution for such challenge, using drones as first responders in routine or emergency scenarios

The customized solution is based on robust IP54 systems which can be operational at almost all times, highly connected and allow real-time data sharing between authorized figures

Aerodrome Live Footage Imagery Server - ALFIS

VMD Inside

  • Real time location of all
    reconnaissance sources

  • Ability to create new mission and
    alerting the closest team

  • Monitor up to 4 video sources
    on real time

  • Give online command and control
    the drone camera from remote stations

  • Direct Video image
    to any consumer

  • Store up to 400hrs.
    of operational videos

  • Mark area of interest and
    desirable locations

  • Automatically Compare old and new
    images and detect trends and changes

Real time video access everywhere

How it works

  • In-site
    drone operator

  • Real time data and video
    transmission to GCS

  • Video and dock transmission to Aerodrome
    server or to your own server

  • Broadcasting of real time video
    to authorized figures

As part of our holistic solution conception, we provide our clients all the tools and envelope to successfully operate drones for homeland security tasks. We are taking care of all aspects such as regulation, sensor integration, and even pre-defined flight route will be stored to your control station so you can fly intensively and collect invaluable data without any concern. For more information press here