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UAS Operation Services

UAS Piloting

flight operation made easy with the best UAS experts, former Israeli Air Force mission commanders, external pilots and flight test engineers, allowing our customers to achieve any desired operational goal. We support long term complex operations of MALE and HALE UAVs under demanding safety precautions and high operational standards.

Specializations: 25kg – 5.5 Tons

UAS External Pilot Training

“battle-proof” techniques within reach. An external pilot is a traditional role in UAS operations. The external pilot is responsible for safely taking off and landing the UAV. The external pilot must have a set of skills that allow safe operation during the day, night or rough weather conditions. External pilots are a valuable human resource for a manual landing of UAVs as well as for UAS flight experiments and system matureness. We hold a CAA certificate for operation of 16 different types of UAVs. Our accumulated experience guarantees the world’s most advanced external piloting training program.

Specializations: 25gk – 5.5 Tons

UAS Pilot In Command (PIC) Training

training for excellence. The Pilot in Command is a key role in UAS military and para-military operations. The PIC should have actual operational experience as well as a unique set of skills to lead the mission from ramp start-up until safe landing and engine shut-down. Aerodrome’s PIC training program is based on thousands of mission commanding hours and designed by the most experienced Israeli air force UAS instructors.

The program consists of the following:

  1. A screening process – choosing the most capable personnel
  2. Pre-training flight phase – learning the flight behaviors and character of each candidate
  3. Theoretical phase – Comprehensive and accurate system knowledge and advanced decision-making tools.
  4. Operational phase – accumulating dozens of hours as PIC in various scenarios
  5. Graduation exercise – final graduation exercise, usually combined with ground collaboration.

Specializations: MUAS, MALE and HALE UAS

UAS Payload Operator Training

Unmanned aircrafts and helicopters are designed to carry various payloads. Operating those payloads (camera or others) requires special training and specific expertise. The payload operator has a significant role in maximizing the operational value provided by the UAS. Our payload operator’s training includes the operation of EO/IR payloads, SAR payloads, and special sensors such as COMMINT payloads.

Specializations: EO/IR, SAR, COMMINT, Oblique camera systems, dual spectral payload mapping, hyper-spectral payloads.

Advanced Mission Training

allows our customers to manage multiplayer complex missions as well as air to air collaborations and air support for ground troops. The training reflects various operational scenarios. The advanced mission training is regularly adjusted according to the customer’s scenarios and can be modified according to export restrictions.

Technical Services

O-Level Maintenance

In recent years UAVs have become indispensable. They can fly almost anywhere and provide a degree of safety and reliability unmatched by any other flying platforms. However, to maximize the technology’s performance and reliability they require meticulous servicing on the ground. Our organizational maintenance level support allows our customers a quick turn-around to ensure full operational availability at any time. Relying on our technical experience and expertise, we ensure that “Remove and Replace” (R&R) of LRU’s is done quickly, safely and to the highest professional standards possible.

Specializations: EM® Engine maintenance, GM® Ground maintenance, AM® Air maintenance

I-Level Maintenance

A modern UAS is a highly complex machine consisting of hundreds of systems and subassemblies. To ensure that safety and flight operations are reliable, safe and cost-effective, all of these many components have to work together flawlessly. We specialize in the technical servicing of UAS, including engines and all components. The services we provide our customers include creating the required environment for an I-level maintenance workshop, creating the I-level program of the fleet, and executing or supervising the day-to-day implementation of the above. It provides our customers with the comprehensive solution they need – from routine maintenance to complete overhauls, in order to keep their fleets in the best possible shape and their operating costs to a bare minimum.

Specializations: EM® Engine maintenance, GM® Ground maintenance, AM® Air maintenance

Technical Writing

Aviation technical writing is an integral part of system development and certification. The technical writing is a necessary building block for other significant phases such as training, maintenance and CAA special or standard certification. Aerodrome is a leading provider of technical and professional content in the area of UAS. The benefit of these services is also provided as part of our total solution.

Specializations: Technical reports, normal and emergency procedures, policies, end-user manuals, O-level procedures literature, advance mission literature, electronics, structure, RF, etc.

O/I Level Training

in long term perspective, customers sometimes prefer to establish their own maintenance and support facilities, which require a proper training program. Aerodrome Technical Training is one of the leading programs for training for all technical and non-technical personnel involved in UAS maintenance operations. In technical training center, technical and managerial staff from all over the world receive individualized theoretical and practical training in all aspects of UAS operations.

Specializations: EM® Engine maintenance, GM® Ground maintenance, AM® Air maintenance

GSE Support

All under one roof: Aerodrome offers you the full range of products and services needed for a professional ground support operation worldwide. Specializing in ground services, Aerodrome provides ground services for both UAS manufacturers and air forces. The company also maintains and repairs ground-support equipment, and devises new ways of increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Specializations: Fueling, towing and arresting equipment, equipment handling and maintenance, hand and power tools, meteorology and measurement devices, calibration equipment, test equipment, PHS&T solutions.