Highest Level of Expertise

UAS Training

Aerodrome provides UAS training services across small as well as large scale of drone platforms, to the defense and commercial sectors. All our training programs are structured and led by former military personnel with years of experience in bringing people, with or without previous UAS experience, to the highest level of expertise

Training Programs:

External Pilot Training:
Train your people to takeoff, land and handle your UAV platforms

Multirotor Training:
Made for professional use of multi-rotor drones, provide the ability to achieve your mission goals as well as handling both flight routine and emergency scenarios

Internal Pilot Training:
Train your people with the best and allow them to handle all the features of the system as well as handling full operational mission scenario

O-Level Technical Training:
Train your technicians for outstanding maintenance and technical support in your fleet

Regulation Representation Services

Using drones for commercial applications getting more and more popular every day. Civil aviation authorities around the world have already establish strict regulations for using drone systems
Aerodrome provide regulation representation services which allow our client to fly around the world according to all CAA rules and restrictions
We provide full support to all of our partners and clients
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