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Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Risk Assessment

UAS ground operation must adhere to strict safety rules. The first step in setting up a safety plan for any project is always a risk assessment. It allows us to create a better support plan in which safety is always the first priority. For us, it’s not just a cliché. Aerodrome provides a full risk assessment process to any site of MALE and HALE UAS operation. Our procedures comply with ISO/IEC 31010:2009, which dramatically reduces the risk for the ground crew and enables safer operation.

Maintenance Planning

The key to continuous operational serviceability. Our maintenance planning is an integral part of the ILS program. We cooperate with UAS manufacturers to create sustainable and cost-effective maintenance programs. Maintenance planning is a crucial step for customers who wish to achieve full operational independence.


Project Management

Holistic solutions require outstanding management by highly experienced personnel, and it is even more critical when it comes to aviation. Aerodrome has managed dozens of complex UAS deployments from pre-project phase to successful project implementation. Our management methods include critical chain-project management (CCPM) up to process-based management.

Aerodrome Training Solution

Training makes all the difference and helps to maximize the value provided by the technology. Quattro® is Aerodrome’s solution for UAS basic training. It combines four different courses running in parallel; PIC training, O-Level training, external pilot training, and payload operator training. Quattro is carried out for a period of 11 months and ends with a final exercise, which qualifies the team for OJT. This program is developed especially for MALE and HALE UAS and can be modified for other platforms. Quattro® is the first step any organization should take in order to make the most of large unmanned systems.

Aerodrome Total Solution

We offer a fully modified comprehensive UAS solution including a training and operation program. It provides a full envelope of services for defense industries and organizations that wish to use unmanned systems. We finance, operate, train (basic and advanced training), and provide Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) with additional services package for successful implementation of UAS technologies and sensors. Sonic® sometimes include mechanical or electrical integration of specific payloads, communications etc. in accordance with customer’s needs.